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Stop wasting your time with other mass mailing software!

Here's the ultimate everlasting solution for successful mass mailing!

Blackhat Mailer Pro is a smart and easy to configure mass mailing software that can run on autopilot for weeks and send Millions of emails without interruption with just a few mouse clicks.

There's no other mass mailing software like it on the market!

Here's why:

This mass mailing software simultaneously uses multiple SMTP servers with different configurations. Simply add the SMPT server that you wish to use and enter the specific settings in the corresponding fields.

You can determine:

- The number of emails you want to send from each account
- The number of emails you want to send in CC or BCC
- The interval for sending emails from each account
- The interval for sending emails to each recipient or batch of recipients
- The number of times you want to send emails from each account on a daily basis.
- Personalised "reply-to" email for each smtp server.

And you're done!

You can now import accounts from several files and the software will know the settings to use for each of them.

Other powerfull features of this mass mailing software:

  1. Fully supports smtp proxies with or without authentication (they can be loaded from a text file or read from a URL).

  2. Automatically removes dead or slow proxies. Analyses and resets proxies automatically when the software is running or as needed with a mouse click (Auto management of proxies).

  3. Allows you to choose the number of proxies you wish to use simultaneously (if you want to use 100 proxies from a list of 500 for example).

  4. Loads user accounts from text files (Just choose the corresponding SMTP server that you set up in parameters from the select box and the software will load accounts with the appropriate parameters for each).

  5. Removes dead or locked accounts automatically and allows you to analyse and reset accounts as needed with a mouse click (auto management of accounts).

  6. Sets different response codes for each server so this mass mailing software will know what to do with accounts that access these codes: temporarily or permanently locks the related accounts, proxies or servers (the software will also automatically unlock these after the set amount of time has elapsed).

  7. Locks accounts or proxies after a predetermined number of failed connections (useful if you don't want to play with response codes).

  8. Spoof computer names (can use random values loaded from a text file).

  9. Automatic spoofed message-ID to correspond to the spoofed computer name.

  10. Spoof sender names (can use random values loaded from a text file).

  11. Spoof X-mailers (user agents) from a text file.

  12. Overwrite any header value by custom ones.

  13. Loads as many email lists as you wish at incredible speed: takes about 5-10 seconds to load and filter 1 million emails (they will be added to existing lists) while removing bad and duplicated ones simultaneously.

  14. Verify who's opened your messages and export list as file.

  15. Can use random values in any part of your messages (can also use html or plain text).

  16. Use random messages.

  17. Attach files to messages.

  18. Manages bounced emails. (Removes them right from your email list or exports them for future management). Several other options are included in this module.

  19. Manages cancelled subscriptions by filtering specific keywords in received messages and removes them right from your email list or exports them for future management (several other options are also included in this module).

  20. Saves complete log files as text files (software keeps complete logs of any email that you have sent or have failed to send with the reasons why until you delete them with a mouse click).

Don't forget! One of the greatest advantages of this mass mailing software is that you can modify almost any setting while the software is running.

BlackHatMailer Pro will simply start using new parameters during the next automatic verification. (This is done automatically after the amount of time that you want).

While it is running, Blackhat Mailer PRO allows you to:

Blackhat Mailer PRO | The best mass mailing software
  1. Add, delete or reset accounts using a variety of statuses (temporarily locked, permanently locked and much more.
  2. Change SMTP settings or add new servers.
  3. Clear bad or used emails or both.
  4. Reset or clear bad or locked proxies.
  5. Import email lists.
  6. Import spoofed computer names.
  7. Import spoofed sender names.
  8. Import spoofed X-mailers (user agents).
  9. Save logs as files or clear them, and much more.

Upcoming features for this powerful mass mailing software:

- An auto reply function that sends multiple preset and personalised messages based on the content of the emails you receive.

Only a limited amount of copies are available!

Don't wait!

Get yours now!

495$ First 50 customers (all features for FREE!)

For following customers, there will be an additional fee for unlocking some modules.


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